Lion Dance Hawaii

Lion Dance Hawaii – A Cultural Tradition For Everyone

Hawaii is known for being a cultural “melting pot”, where people of all ethnic backgrounds have come together to share their traditions and culture with each other. Chinese Lion Dance has become a very popular tradition in Hawaii, and can be seen at a variety of occasions. Hawaii lion dance groups entertain and delight crowds not only during Chinese New Year! Everyone enjoys the excitement and happiness that the lions bring.

Lion Dance Hawaii

I Want to Be a Lion Dancer

Have you always wanted to be a lion dance performer? We welcome new members to our family!

At Saam Fu Chinese Cultural Arts, we teach and perform traditional Fut San (Foshan) Southern Lion Dance. This style is typically performed by Southern Kung Fu schools. Its footwork and movements are strong and powerful, demonstrating the prowess and skill of the Kung Fu practitioners in the lion. Traditionally, the lions were used to chase away or dispel evil spirits. Today, they bring blessings, well wishes and good fortune.

I Want a Lion Dance For My Special Occasion

Our performances are a crowd pleaser and can heighten an already special occasion such as:

– Weddings
– Birthday parties
– Graduation parties
– Store openings
– Anniversary parties
– Luau
– School functions
– Office blessings
– Special events

Whatever the celebration, a lion dance from Saam Fu will be sure to liven up the festivities!

Our lions love to interact with people and can be quite the ‘hams’. If you see us around, stop by and say “Nei hou!” (Hello). Have fun, play with the lions, take a few pictures, and don’t forget to feed them.

We have also had the privilege to perform our lion dance on stage at the Chinese Cultural Plaza during Chinese New Year festivities and during the annual Chinese New Year parade in downtown Honolulu. We would love for you to come up to us and we’ll wish you a very happy and prosperous Gung Hei Fat Choy!

Let Saam Fu be a part of your next special event and help make it a memorable one!

Contact Us to join our lion dance crew or to book our lions for your special occasion.

Saam Fu Lion Dance in Action