Saam Fu with Buck Sam Kong

Kung Fu & Tai Chi Seminar with Buck Sam Kong

On Saturday October 14, 2017, Saam Fu Chinese Cultural Arts attended an afternoon tai chi and kung fu workshop held by Si Gung Buck Sam Kong & Kong’s Siu Lum Pai on the Punahou Middle School campus.

Students spent the afternoon practicing various tai chi and hung gar principles & techniques.

During the tai chi portion of the seminar, attendees engaged in push hands exercises where they learned to receive and redirect an opponent’s momentum.

The 2nd part of the seminar focused on the Twelve Bridge Hands of Hung Gar kung fu. In a spirited session, Saam Fu students were able to practice different techniques against varying opponents and apply the principles reviewed by Si Gung Kong.

Participants were acknowledged with certificates of completion at the end of each session.

It was a great afternoon of tai chi & kung fu learning enjoyed by all. Mahalo to Kong’s Siu Lum Pai Honolulu for graciously inviting Saam Fu to participate, and especially to master Buck Sam Kong for taking time to share his knowledge.